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Yamada_KPL-24_Grease_Pump Lubrication Technologies offers a full range of manual, air operated and electric grease pumps to handle fluid transfer or dispensing application needs considering logistic requirements, number and location of application points, and the characteristics of the fluid being transferred or dispensed.

At Lubrication Technologies (LTI) we have a results driven focus. Our products and services resonate with your business in every form.

The Industry's Most Trusted Grease Lubricator Pumps

Lubrication Technologies, Inc., of West Springfield Massachusetts, is excited to be Appointed the Sole Stocking U.S. Distributor for the YAMADA KPL-24 grease lubricator; a highly versatile grease pump and grease gun that can be used as a Stand-Alone Pump, with semi-automatic configurations when combined with a grease feeder distributor, lubrication lines and fittings to create a semi-automatic system. It also has fully automatic configurations functioning as the driving pump behind a fully automatic system when combined with an electric monitor, grease feeder distributor, lubrication lines and fittings.

With over 28 years of proven field service and having sold over 100,000 units, the Yamada KPL-24 is an electrically powered grease lubricator specifically designed for use on heavy construction machinery. It is powered by the internal DC 24V batteries standard in most heavy vehicles. The KPL-24 is compact, sturdy and provides maximum portability on any work site especially where there are no other readily available power sources. It fits directly onto a 5 gallon grease pail offering portability, cleanliness and versatility. It has a high discharge pressure and is capable of pumping grease of various viscosities.

“The KPL-24 has the ability to operate on just about any kind of mobile or stationary mining or construction equipment, as well as wind turbines,” notes David Piangerelli, President of Lubrication Technologies, “and it has a vibration resistance of 4G for all ground equipment.”

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Founded in 1976 Lubrication Technologies, Inc. (LTI), a Massachusetts Company based in West Springfield, has provided professional lubrication management services to a wide array of clients in every industry. LTI sells premium performance lubricants, implements lubrication management programs, condition based maintenance programs, designs and installs automatic lubrications systems; in short, provides every lubrication related product and service available in the marketplace to industry, municipalities, commercial entities and end users. No other company in New England, and quite possibly in the United States, offers as comprehensive and technically oriented array of products and services.

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