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municipal Street SweeperStreet Sweepers
Just like keeping your car maintained, maintenance on your public works vehicles can keep it running longer, more efficiently, and save you money in the long run.

Due to the nature and environment that a Sweeper has to operate in, proper lubrication and cleaning are two of the most important items to consider to increase the longevity of any sweeper. Because of the complexity of a street sweeper, it is key that the unit be lubracated much more frequently than any other piece of equipment in a DPW's fleet.

A common problem with Street Sweepers is the creation of dust, and users need to understand that dirty grease is abrasive grease. Thus, greasing not only lubricates the component, it pushes the dirty grease out of the mechanics and helps prevent wearing.


  • Industrial sweepers
  • Combined sweeper and vacuum trucks
  • Cab chassis mounted sweepers
  • Beam sweepers
By installing an Automatic Lubrication System on your sweeper, you are reducing maintenance costs, saving on component wear, and increasing overall effeciency of the equipment. Auto-Lubes will ensure points are greased frequently as the equipment operates.

Prevention Keeps DPW Equipment Running
We work closely with our DPW fleet partners to ensure their needs are met. LTI has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to installing Automatic Lubrication Systems for DPW partners to help protect their equipment. By installing an Automatice Lubrication System on your truck and fleet equipment, you are reducing maintenance costs, saving on component wear, and increasing overall effeciency of the equipment.

Common lubricant suffering points for DPW fleet operations include:
Bearing failures - Greases that are subject to heat can melt and run out of bearings. Greases that do not form a good seal can let in contaminants. LE has greases that are extremely tacky and nearly impervious to water washout, and can handle heavy loads with ease. We also offers automatic lubrication systems for making sure grease is applied in the right place at the right time in the right quantity.

Engine oil - If you are looking for longer oil life while still protecting your engine from the demands of the workload, LE can help you safely extend oil drain intervals with our superior, long-lasting engine oils and LEAP oil analysis.

Diesel fuel - Water can get into the fuel of diesel equipment kept outside, causing a loss of power. Injectors get dirty from the buildup of soot. In addition, environmental issues have led to the use of lower performance diesel fuel in on-road and off-road mobile equipment. LE has diesel fuel improvers that address these problems. They can clean up your fuel pumps, injectors and combustion chambers, thereby helping you regain fuel economy, reduce emissions and lower the overall cost per mile or hours of operation.

Wire rope - Do your wire ropes, cables and draglines become rusted, corroded or frayed? You can protect your wire rope and cable from high stress loading, shock loading, jerking and heavy loads with LE's full line of penetrating and coating wire rope lubricants. Whether you want lubricant to penetrate to the core or to coat and seal, LE has a full range of protective lubricant solutions, including wire rope lubricant applicators to reduce labor costs and ensure safe, reliable operation.

Reliability Centered Maintenance, (see steps below), is the approach endorsed by Maintenance Professionals across industries. We practice RCM to support the protection of assets at the lowest life-cycle cost. Our World Class Lubrication Reliability Program incorporates best practices and produces optimum results.


Lubrication systems should reliably and consistently deliver lubricant to all lubrication points. Our system has proven to do that better than competing systems. The end result brings a high confidence in the system such that, buyers of our systems consider their use as normal as lettering on the vehicle.

The LP System dispenses the correct amount of grease to kingpins, spring hangers, S-camshaft bushings, tie rod ends, steering links, clutch cross shaft bushings, fifth wheels, dump body hinges and hydraulic cylinder rod ends and pins (if so equipped). It does this consistently while your rig is in motion.

Simple to use, competitively priced, extremely efficient and virtually maintenance free, you’ll use less grease with precision application and avoid the “feast or famine” intervals common with manual application. Service intervals will be extended and your vehicles will be on the road when they should be, increasing profitability. Downtime is reduced and component life is dramatically increased. You’ll eliminate the possibility of missing lubrication points, with the resultant failed components, equipment downtime, unscheduled overtime, lubricant waste, and lost profits.

LP Pumps utilize a timer that activates application at field adjustable intervals and meters grease according to the specific requirements of each component. A gauge displays system pressure for easy monitoring and the pressure relief valve alerts personnel to protect both the pump and the elements.

Our Installation Technicians treat your equipment as if it were their own. We specialize in the design and installation of automatic lubrication systems on heavy equipment, trucks and trailers, crushers and sweepers. We take great pride in the integrity of each installation and consider it our unique signature.


Lubrication Management Programs Protect Your Assets and Save You Money:

Although lubricants make up a mere 3% of the typical maintenance budget; using ineffective products, techniques and applications can have a significant impact on the lubrication-related costs that make up 40% of that budget. A Lubrication Management Program designed by the Technical Consultants at Lubrication Technologies, Inc. can help you target those areas where you see red.

  • Your equipment and components will last longer, run more efficiently and more reliably, and you won’t replace equipment or components prematurely
  • Your labor force will spend less time on routine lubrication-related maintenance and no time on lubricant-related equipment failures
  • You’ll reduce over-all lubricant consumption as well as waste

Pittsfield Fire Department Saving $9,000 per year!

Since installing the systems in 2006, the Pittsfield Fire Department has not experienced a single spring hanger failure ...

Pittsfield Fire Department The Pittsfield Fire Department has been protecting the citizens of Pittsfield, Massachusetts for over 110 years. From receiving its first ladder truck in 1913, the Pittsfield Fire Department has grown to 7 Engines, 2 Ladders and various other rescue equipment housed in five Fire Stations operated by a highly trained, highly skilled emergency response crew of 92 people, including 5 civilians. Not only does the Pittsfield Fire Department fight fires, but it plays an active role in preventing fires, responding timely to prevent crisis situations, and saving lives. It has always been, and will always remain the mission of the Pittsfield Fire Department to protect lives and property while averting tragedy.

A common problem with Fire Engines and Ladder Trucks is spring hanger failure ...

... partially due to the weight of the body exerted on the chassis components. Spring hanger failure is sometimes attributed to insufficient or inadequate component greasing. The cost to replace a single spring hanger can easily exceed $2,000.

Prior to 2006, the Pittsfield Fire Department was experiencing, on average, a spring hanger failure every two years on every single pieces of equipment. The cause for failure was attributed to a combination of body weight on the chassis and insufficient lubrication. The failures caused the unavailability of the critical rescue equipment and produced costly repair bills for the City of Pittsfield. A solution was needed that ensured proper lubrication of the fire apparatus chassis.

LE 3750 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricant

For this particular application, Mr. Piangerelli recommended installing a Series Progressive Centralized Lubrication System which delivers lubricant by use of a series of divider valves that are engineered to deliver precise amounts of lubricant to each point. A Series Progressive lubrication system ensures the delivery of lubrication to each point and will alert personnel if there is a blockage in any line by use of a pressure gauge and pressure relief valve installed on every system.

Each Centralized Lubrication System is used to lubricate the entire Fire Apparatus chassis including:

  • King Pins
  • Drag Links
  • Slack Adjusters
  • “S” Cams
  • Tie Rods
  • Spring Pins
  • Spring Shackles

Reliability Centered Maintenance
Onsite Lubrication Survey
Onsite Lubrication Survey

Click through for details regarding an Onsite Lubrication Survey to assess every lubricated component in your plant and your fleet with the goal of identifying those areas that are costing you time and money.  Design and implement a World Class Lubrication Management Program to increase equipment reliability.

Our Lubrication Technical Consultants will partner with you to assess every lubricated component in your fleet to identify areas in the current program that are costing you time and money. By controlling and reducing wear, YOU WILL increase your profits.

Lubricants and Fluids
Lubricants and Fluids

LE’s enhanced lubricants reduce friction and wear, extend drain intervals and provide better performance, reliability and durability while dramatically lowering your cost of use.

LE lubricants outperform conventional oils and greases to keep your fleet on the road under the extreme conditions you experience every day. Reduce lubricant consumption and extend service intervals while increasing performance and reliability with LE lubricants.

Click through to select high performance engine oils, greases, transmission fluids and fuel supplements manufactured by Lubrication Engineers to maximize engine performance while minimizing wear.

Precision Lubrication Dispensing
Precision Lubrication Dispensing

Lubrication Technologies has curated a wide range of lubricant delivery devices designed to reduce lubricant contamination, misapplication, and lubricant mix-ups. LTI’s variety of products and services ensure precise application of lubricants at specific intervals to ensure optimum performance by your critical equipment. Choose from grease guns, single point lubricators, automatic lubrication systems, fluid dispensing systems, pumps and reels and grease fittings. We install and service what we sell.

We specialize in the design and installation of automatic lubrication systems on heavy equipment, trucks and trailers, crushers and sweepers. Lubricating bushings and bearings in real time optimizes component life, saves labor, reduces waste and eliminates costly downtime.

Back-Up Safety Cameras
Back-Up Safety Cameras

Blind spots at the front and rear.

Now, see what you can’t with a Orlaco Track-Vision Camera. Lubrication Technologies is an authorized distributor of Orlaco Back-up Safety Cameras, the only back-up camera designed to stand up to the harsh conditions and constant vibration encountered in the heavy equipment industry with unparalleled reliability and performance.

Click through for complete details on Orlaco's Back-up Camera, Back-up Camera with RadarEye and All Time Vision Camera.

VEI Onboard Weighing (Scales)
VEI Onboard Weighing

Weigh whatever it is to within 1% accuracy with high-quality VEI Loader Scales. Load to the legal maximum and maximize your profits.

Click through to view details on the Millenium 5 and Helper X, VEI's comprehensive onboard weighing systems for fast, efficient, accurate in-cab to home base reporting capability.

Certified to work under the harshest environments as far as salt, sand, dust, temperature and vibration are concerned.

Lubrication Storage and Handling Solution
Lubrication Storage and Handling Solution

Contamination control is the key to success in any reliability maintenance program and it starts with proper organization, storage and clean handling of lubrications.

We offer solutions designed to reduce operator error and waste. Beginning with simple, color-coded transfer containers and continuing on to pumps, reels and portable lubrication carts and a state-of-the-art lubrication storage room - your World Class Lubrication Management program turns on these contamination control products.

Click through for our huge selection.

Contamination Control & Filtration
Contamination Control & Filtration

Lubricants are the life-blood of your expensive equipment and protecting both from wear and tear caused by the presence of particulates and other contaminants is well worth the initial investment.

The best Lubricant Management Programs focus on contamination control. Proper filtration is critical in reducing particulates to dramatically extend fluid life and decrease the number of lubricant-related failures. We offer a wide array of by-pass filtration systems, portable filtration and headspace protection.

Click through to asses the by-pass filtration, portable filtration systems and headspace protection that's right for your heavy equipment fleet.

Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring

As oil functions inside your heavy equipment, the additives that protect the base stock are depleted over time, compromising the performance of the oil inside your expensive fleet  and ultimately exposing them to wear and tear and costly equipment failure.

You can avoid these failure modes by implementing an oil analysis program. Click through to see how.


We'll do everything we can to insure you get the best solution for your application!