Greasing System for 35 lb. Containers PN#P3-TR – Includes Trolley

PN#P3-TR – Includes Trolley
macnaught PN#P3-TR – Includes Trolley The 5 Gallon/35 lb Air-operated Grease Pumps
Macnaught’s 50:1 air-operated grease pumps are excellent for high-volume grease applications requiring continuous high-pressure grease output. These portable grease dispensing systems are engineered for 35 lb., 120 lb. and 400 lb. containers. They are equipped with a low air consumption motor that doesn’t need to be lubricated due to the use of modern polymer materials. Users will save on power and avoid the oily mist and mess typically associated with air-operated equipment. Macnaught pumps are suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications and come complete with the industry’s leading 10-year warranty.

Macnaught P3-TR Features and Benefits

  • Industry Leading 10-year Warranty
  • Zinc components – For underground mining applications
  • 50:1 ratio air motor delivers up to 16 oz/min of fast, efficient grease output
  • Non-corroding air motor design – No airline lubricator required. Easy and low cost to repair
  • Quiet air motor design – Meets all industry noise level standards
  • 13’ ft high-pressure grease hose – Extra hose length for easier access to difficult applications
  • B2 Booster Gun – Boosts greasing pressure up to 10,000 psi
  • 360° ZSB Swivel – Improves greasing flexibility and offers easier one-handed operation
  • KY Supergrip three-jaw high-pressure coupler – Positive no leak connection
  • Rubber-edged follower plate – Prevents air pockets and contamination
  • Fully sealed greasing system with built-in grease strainer – Clean grease delivery every time
  • Fully repairable – Provides a longer service life
Starter Kit (BP20S-OLU): Full Assembly
Stem Kit (BP20X-OLA ): Stem, Hose, Handle
BP20PH: Powerhead
BPB-20AH: Battery


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