LE 9901 Almasol Syntemp Lubricant

Heavy-duty synthetic lubricant specifically designed for high temperature applications

LE 9901 Almasol Syntemp Lubricant Grease Info Lubrication Engineers, Inc., LE's formulated ALMASOL® Syntemp Lubricant is a high temperature extreme pressure (EP) lubricant made from a very heavy synthetic fluid and non-melting base. It is specially formulated to provide exceptional protection at temperatures at which petroleum oils would completely oxidize (or carbonize).

ALMASOL® Syntemp Lubricant is excellent for use on large open gears exposed to very high temperatures. It is also recommended for use on kiln girth gears, large industrial gearing, oven chains, sliding surfaces, large slow moving (friction) bearings and similar applications.

Contains ALMASOL®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive, which protects against metal-to-metal contact and also serves to reduce friction and heat. ALMASOL® Syntemp Lubricant has exceptional water resistance and thus, remains unaffected by boiling water and steam. It also contains special rust inhibitors that prevent rust and corrosion.

The video below demonstrates our evaluation of LE's 9901 Almasol Syntemp Lubricant

The evaluation was performed to confirm that the ILC pump was capable of pumping an extremely heavy NLGI # 2 grease with a uncommonly thick base oil viscosity of 42,700 SUS @ 100F ( 7,630 cSt@40C) and that the lubricant would flow through a Bijur M2500 series progressive divider valve. The “desmodromic” pumping element in the ILC pump has no return spring in that it is mechanically coupled with the rotating cam in the pump. These components coupled with a controller, cycle switch and fault notification will be used to lubricate 4 bearings that are operated at a continuous 350F and very low rotational speed, hence the need for a lubricant which such a heavy base oil viscosity.

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Beneficial Qualities

  • Has high oxidation resistance - even at extreme temperatures 9901 ALMASOL Syntemp Lubricant will not leave undesirable oxidation products such as varnish or gum
  • High load carrying capacity - Ensures protection from wear even under the heaviest of loads. The high film strength of this product serves to cushion gear teeth when heavy or shock loads are encountered.
  • Non-melting - Is formulated from a non-melting base which ensures that the lubricant will not liquify and chains.
  • Reduced equipment failures - due to superior wear and corrosion protection.
  • Elimination of deposit build-up - does not form carbon or varnish deposits.
  • Less lubricant is needed due to superior oxidation resistance.


Almasol is LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive which has an affinity for metal similar to polar attraction. It attaches itself to working surfaces in a single microscopic layer, yet it will not build on itself tremendous load-carrying capacity, is impervious to acid attack and minimizes metal-to-metal contact and the resulting friction and wear. When added to LE lubricants, it gives an extra dimension of protection available in no other lubricant.

Typical Applications:
  • Open gears (kiln girth gears), oven chains, large bearings, etc., operating in a high temperature environment.
  • Use where an extremely high temperature, synthetic lubricant is required. This lubricant is typically designed for large bearings operating at very slow speeds.
  • Low Speed Plain Bearings
  • Cables
  • Chains
  • Sliding Surfaces


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