Easy-To-Apply Melting Lube Bars Prevent Costly Wear in Rotary Kiln and Dryer Components

Since 1995, Easy Bar® solid lube bar technology has set the standard for protecting the inside tire bore of rotary kilns and dryers, preventing unplanned downtime and reducing costs for organizations around the world. LE’s Easy Bar® with Almasol® takes kiln lubrication to a whole new level of performance by marrying the additional wear-reducing benefits of LE’s proprietary solid EP additive, Almasol, with the proven benefits of Easy Bar. The Easy Bar with Almasol patented blend of mineral and metal lubricants is suspended in a solid polymer binder that melts at approximately 49°C (120°F). The auto-ignition point of the bar is 538°C (1,000°F), one of the highest in the industry, which prevents dangerous flame-ups.

When the bar is placed between the tire bore and shell, the binder melts – leaving no residue – and the rolling action of the kiln distributes the lubricant where it’s needed to create a lubricating film that protects against costly steel-on-steel contact. Due to the high temperatures and high loads in this application, proper lubrication of the tire bore is essential to minimize shell ovality, protect wear pads, and lengthen refractory life.

Easy Bar with Almasol takes less time to apply than traditional kiln lubrication methods. For best results, bars should be applied weekly, with the quantity determined by using kiln measurements.

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Beneficial Qualities

Patented Blend

  • Contains proprietary blend of mineral and metal lubricants suspended in solid polymer binder
  • Binder completely evaporates, leaving no sticky residue to collect debris
  • Contains Almasol, LE’s proprietary wear-reducing additive

Cost-Saving Protection

  • Reduces friction and wear between surfaces for smooth tire bore surface
  • Protects wear pads and maintains creep
  • Prevents refractory damage by minimizing shell ovality

Performance Requirements Met or Exceeded

  • Andritz
  • FLSmidth
  • KHD Humboldt Wedag
  • Metso Outotec

Typical Applications

  • Rotary kilns, dryers, calciners
  • Cement, lime, pulp & paper, waste processing
  • Mining & phosphate, petroleum & asphalt, minerals
  • Chemical, food & beverage, gypsum, clay & kaolin
  • Iron ore & aluminum


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