8945 Monolec® Natural Gas Engine Oil

Superior straight-grade, low ash natural gas engine oil

8945 MONOLEC® Gas Engine Oil is a superior, straight-grade, low ash natural gas engine oil formulated with cutting edge technology that differentiates its performance from other natural gas engine lubricants. Formulated using high-performance base fluids, salicylate additive chemistry for superior deposit control, and outstanding wear reducing additives, including MONOLEC®, LE’s exclusive wear- reducing compound. All of these components work together synergistically to greatly decrease friction, minimize wear, remove heat, and keep engine components clean. It has been proven in various engine types, under severe operating conditions.


  • Superior oxidation stability and nitration resistance resulting in extended oil life
  • Efficient detergent/dispersant additives minimize engine deposits
  • Minimizes valve seat recession
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Contains Monolec®, LE's exclusive wear reducing additive
  • Reduces oil consumption resulting in lower maintenance and cost of use


  • Stationary gas engines used for power generation or natural gas pumping operations
  • Can be used with sparkplug ignited engines that have an operating range up to 3000 HP
  • Meets the performance requirements for mobile applications such as buses using engine types like Cummins, Detroit Diesel, etc. fueled by CNG, LNG, or propane

Performance Requirements Met or Exceeded

  • API CF
  • Caterpillar (3600)
  • Ajax
  • Bessemer
  • Clark
  • Cooper
  • Cummins CES 20074 (mobile)
  • Detroit
  • Deutz
  • Guascor
  • Ingerso
  • Jenbacher
  • Superior
  • Wartsila
  • Waukesha
  • White

Typical Applications

  • Stationary gas engines used for power generation or natural gas pumping operations

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