Almagard 3752 - 3751 - 3750 Vari-Purpose Lubricant

Long-lasting Red Grease Stays Put & Runs Cool

3751 Almagard Vari-Purpose Lubricant Product Info Be sure to download the Almagard 3752 pdf to learn why customers who rely upon Almagard 3752 Vari-Purpose Lubricant appreciate its cool-running, long-lasting, water-resistant performance. It dramatically lengthens grease intervals, eliminates bearing failures, can extend bearing life by up to threefold, and does not harden with age.

Recommended for extended service applications, Almagard is extremely tacky and will not wash off, pound out or melt and run, even in severe conditions. It is ideal for on-and off-road equipment where high impact occurs, as well as many in-plant applications. Lubrication Engineers 3752 LE Almagard Industrial Grease is a multifunctional grease designed for exceptional mechanical stability, excellent extreme pressure and high temperature capabilities. Won't wash off, pound out, or melt and run, even with extended service in severe conditions.

Almagard 3752 - 3751 - 3750 Beneficial Qualities

Withstands Pressure & Reduces Wear

  • Demonstrates superior extreme pressure characteristics
  • Provides exceptional antiwear protection
  • Exhibits long-lasting mechanical stability, does not change consistency after being worked thousands of times
  • Maintains a seal against outside contaminants throughout its lifetime
  • Protects costly bearing surfaces – even bronze and alloy – from rust and corrosion

Stays Put

  • Clings tenaciously to metal, resisting repeated impact
  • Won’t pound out or sling of
  • Stays in contact zone, even in high-moisture environments
  • Won’t wash out of bearings

Takes the Heat & the Cold

  • Performs well in a broad temperature range
  • Has a dropping point of up to 282°C (540°F)
  • Resists oxidation and won’t melt and run from bearings
  • 3750 (NLGI Grade 0) offers reliable pumpability at temps as low as -29°C (-20°F)
Available Grade:
NLGI 2 (3752)
NLGI 1 (3751)
NLGI 0 (3750)

Typical Applications:
  • Chassis
  • Wheel bearings
  • Front axle arrangements
  • U-joints
  • Bucket pins
  • Bearings


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