Superior Heat Resistance Keeps Oven Chain Operating Freely

Ovenworx® H1 Syn Chain Lubricant (4061) was formulated specifically to combat the demanding conditions present with oven chain applications. In addition, it is approved for incidental food contact and contains no artificial dyes, making it a good choice for food manufacturing plants.

Oven chain efficiency is dependent upon a lubricant that can keep the chain operating freely and smoothly, fighting the ever present heat and moisture that can cause corrosion and eventually lead to premature failure of oven chain pins and bushings. Only the most robust lubricant formulations can perform in this application; it is not an area to cut corners. If the oven chain fails, output comes to a screeching halt.

In addition to this high level of protection, equipment runs more cleanly and efficiently with Ovenworx 4061, which lubricates without the need of solids. Lubricants with solids have to be stirred to keep the solids distributed within the carrier and prevent them from falling out of the suspension. Solids also can create housekeeping issues by building up over time, creating gum and gunk around the application area, especially when over-applied.

Beneficial Qualities


  • Fully synthetic formula features robust high-viscosity base fluid
  • Penetrates all moving parts of the oven chain, enabling them to move freely
  • Ensures quiet, smooth operation
  • Decreases energy consumption by reducing frictional drag on electric motors
  • Seals out equipment-damaging moisture, preventing corrosion

Resists High Temperatures

  • Lubricates chains up to 300°C (572°F)
  • Features oxidation stability and reduced volatility at high temperatures
  • Has broad temperature range and high flash point
  • Contains no solid additives to fall out of suspension

Easy To Apply & Use

  • Requires no pre-mixing
  • Can be applied to hot oven chains without interrupting operation
  • Forms soft carbonaceous residue – when temperature is sufficiently high – that functions as solid lubricant
  • Approved for Food Manufacturing

  • Contains no artificial dyes; is low-staining and odor neutral
  • Meets NSF H1
  • Certified Halal by IFANCA
  • Certified Kosher Pareve
  • Available Grade

  • NSF H1
  • Typical Applications

  • Automatic lubrication systems for baking ovens
  • Kiln chain drives
  • Skate chains in bread and bun baking ovens
  • Stenter & tenter chains
  • Other high-temperature oven chains

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