No-Spill Systems


Automatic Lubrication SystemsNo-Spill Systems is committed to providing fluid draining solutions that provide high quality and eco-friendly results, with excellent value for their esteemed customers. Their success is measured by their belief in No-Spill Systems' ability to meet or exceed expectations of value, quality, and service, as does Lubrication Technologies, which is why we carry their product!

no spill standard system engine oil drain plugno spill compact system engine oil drain plugno spill speed system engine oil drain plug No-Spill Systems magnetic oil drain plugs replace the existing plug in your vehicle's oil pan; providing fast, and environmentally friendly results.

Easy to install, the No-Spill oil drain plug makes your next oil change a breeze. By simply replacing your factory oil drain plug at your next oil change with the No-Spill oil drain plug, you will eliminate common draining problems including messy oil changes, stripped oil pans and overtightened plugs.

Machined from solid brass bar stock, the No-Spill Drain plug can be handled even with a hot engine. No need to wait for the engine to cool down and no worry about burns or injuries (brass will not conduct heat like other metals will).

All No-Spill oil drain plugs work to drain with gravity or suction systems and are guaranteed for life.

Benefits of Using No-Spill Systems

  • Save money by eliminating common oil drain plug problems such as: stripped threads, frozen plugs, cracked pans, replacing washers, and losing plugs to under-tightening.
  • Save time draining oil. The single-bridge design of our No-Spill fittings enables the maximum flow rate for a speedy oil change without having to waste time on a messy cleanup.
  • Drain hot oil safely. No-Spill Systems are machined from solid brass, enabling you to handle the drain plug in a hot engine without burning your hands.
  • Eliminate burns to reduce injuries and lost time.
  • Eliminate spills. You can avoid costly fines and cleanup costs for site remediation and environmental damage.
  • No-Spill Systems drain plugs works with both gravity and suction systems.
  • You can install a No-Spill System plug quickly and easily. Just replace the factory plug at your next oil change and thread in the No-Spill Systems plug to the specified foot pounds.
  • They carry a full range of sizes and thread patterns including UNF, UNC, NPT, BSP, and Metric among others.
  • No-Spill drain plugs provide a precision fit to any oil pan. No other manufacturers make plugs with the correct thread length to precisely fit certain engine oil pans. They specialize in all engine oil drain plug applications and can custom make special request.
  • They use the highest quality design and materials: solid brass body and gaskets, and full length machining of threads for maximum strength and security. All of their production is ISO Certified, NAFTA approved, and manufactured using American and Canadian workers in a fair workplace.
  • With over 25 years of experience and satisfied customers across North America and around the world, it is easy to see why quality assurance and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them.

No-Spill is the only manufacturer to make oil drain plugs with the correct thread length to precisely fit specific engine oil pans. We carry over 500 combinations of thread sizes and patterns and can custom make any thread pitch or size.

What applications can you use the No-Spill drain plugs with?

  • Anything that needs an oil change...
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Machines
  • Boats
  • Scooters
  • Diggers
  • Agricultural machinery
  • and MORE...
How do the No-Spill drain plugs work?
No-Spill Systems' draining design has a stainless steel, spring-loaded valve inside every drain plug. This oil drain valve remains closed until the No-Spill drainer is attached to the drain plug. Once the drainer seals itself, the valve opens, and the oil begins to drain through the hose in a clean and controlled way.

Do I need a drainer for every vehicle?
No. The drainers are designed to fit all of the plugs within a series (i.e. one of 1002 - Drainer Large Straight fits all large bottom plugs in the Standard series). If you are unsure of which drainer you need, please call us at (413) 788-LUBE (5823)

What series is correct for me?
The series depends on the application, and style of draining. Standard plugs are common where clearance is not an issue. Compact plugs are used where clearance is a concern. Speed-Click™ plugs are very popular with all sizes of fleets.

Does any oil get left in the pan?
No. No-Spill drain plugs are designed to sit flush with the pan. Therefore, all of the waste fluids are drained quickly and easily.

Can I drain the oil hot?
Absolutely. This is one of the main advantages of using No-Spill Systems.

Can I use a Suction System?
All three No-Spill designs can drain by gravity or suction. Simply connect your suction system to one of our drainers and non-return valves.

What if I can't find a size?
No-Spill Systems maintains over 500 combinations of thread sizes and patterns in our warehouse and we can custom make any thread pitch or size. Please call us with your application, and we will find the size for you.

Is there a minimum order amount?
No. No-Spill customers and dealers can order as few or as many plugs as are required.

What are the Shipping Terms?
Product is shipped FOB Origin. UPS Ground is the most common shipping method.

How many of these drain plugs are in use?
Millions and millions.

What are the plugs made of?
The plugs are machined from solid brass bar stock.

What is the warranty for the drain plugs?
No-Spill drain plugs are guaranteed for life for workmanship and materials.

Do I need to buy a dust cap with my drain plug?
No. All No-Spill Systems drain plugs come with a dust cap.

What if I lose my dust cap?
No problem. All No-Spill Systems drain plugs remain closed when not activated by the drainer. The dust cap's main purpise is to keep the plug clean. Replacement dust caps and dust caps with chains are available for a small fee. Chains are another option to keep your dust clap from going missing.


We'll do everything we can to insure you get the best solution for your application!