Lubrication Management - It's What We Do!

This is what we provide, a comprehensive approach to machine maintenance.

LE-Industrial General Grease 1-3% of a Maintenance Budget
As noted in the pie chart, the cost of lubricants typically represents 1-3% of a maintenance budget. Contrast that fact to the impact of improper or insufficient lubrication:

The cost of failed components and overtime due to machine downtime can total as much as 40% of maintenance dollars spent. This fact highlights the importance of a well-functioning, proactive lubrication management program.

The most frequent causes are related to lubrication: As the second pie chart notes, approximately 50% of premature bearing failures are due to issues such as too much or too little lubricant; lubricant contamination or cross-contamination with incompatible lubricants; lubricant-chemical degradation; and use of the wrong type or grade of lubricant.

Precision Lubrication Management Approach

Typical lubricant vendors or jobbers offer a number of different lubricant lines, many of which compete with each other. We represent one lubricant manufacturer and have for over 43 years: Lubrication Engineers Lubricants.

But, it’s not about the lubricant, it’s about your assets. Your assets produce the revenue that supports your company. CEO’s, plant managers and those involved in the management of assets are concerned with productivity, profitability and sustainability.

And those goals are aligned with ours as we offer an effective precision lubrication management approach that relies on Reliability-Centered Maintenance or RCM, a process to ensure that critical assets function at peak performance regardless of the harsh environmental conditions in which they run as well as Best Practices.

We are NOT a typical lubricant vendor!
Our holistic perspective to the management of your lubricants which are as much an asset as your wheel loader, injection molding machine or paper machine is in fact our hallmark for we look at your assets and the funds that are allocated to support them as if they were ours. At the end of the day, what matters is the profit you make with the assets you have and we are here to support that.

Saving time, resources and money while increasing the reliability of your equipment is at the core of our mission. At Lubrication Technologies, Inc, we understand the science behind reliability-centered maintenance and the critical role that a Precision Lubrication Management Program will play in achieving higher levels of equipment reliability, enhance personnel safety, superior machine performance and of course profitability. That's why we offer 360° solutions to help you identify and prevent equipment failure and maximize machine life.

Our extensive field experience and willingness to help our clients REDUCE their lubricant consumption makes us the preferred partner to work with when it comes to achieving the lowest lifecycle cost of owning and maintaining revenue producing machines.

The FIVE RIGHTS of Lubrication

When it comes to implementing a world-class holististic/preventive maintenance strategy, companies must pay attention to the following 5 R’s lubrication procedures:

The Right Lubricant

in the Right Volume/Amount

at the Right Time

in the Right Place/Point

by the Right Method.


  • Lubricant
  • Volume
  • Time
  • Place
  • Method

Companies invest millions of dollars in revenue producing assets, specifically machines of all types. These machines depend upon proper maintenance protocol with qualified personnel using quality products to insure the longest possible reliability and production. They must understand that lubrication is an essential part of machinery maintenance for nearly every production facility.

The highest-quality machinery lubrication system needs to be custom-designed to protect your equipment from unnecessary and excessive wear and tear. The ideal lubrication system also reduces the time, effort, and money spent on lubrication processes in your facility while increasing worker safety and overall productivity.

Many businesses and organizations tend to fail to realize the importance of lubricants and what they are expected to do.
  • Reduce Friction
  • Minimize Wear
  • Act as a Sealant
  • Transmit Power
  • Prevent Corrosion
  • Cool Parts
The lubrication vendor has the responsibility to the owner and purchaser to educate and share information freely to ensure that the system performs as expected for many years with minimal maintenance cost.

A precision lubrication program with its process-oriented steps to identify and then rectify gaps can be vital to the long-term health and performance of a plant or piece of equipment.

Once that fact is made in a clear understandable set of terms for management, in a way managers can truly understand, then the cost of not implementing a comprehensive, holistic lubrication program, that's when the business case for precision lubrication is truly made and won.


We'll do everything we can to insure you get the best solution for your application!