FLUITEC ESP ESP is The Only Customized Solution for a Complex Problem.
With the Fluitec Electrophysical Separation Process (ESP), you can have clean oil and a varnish-free system. And once ESP restores your oil, the fluid will begin removing the varnish that's already been collecting in your system. Bearings, gears and valves that have a damaging

layer of varnish are returned to clean condition, eliminating unplanned outages and improving your plant's reliability. ESP will give new life to your lubricants and long life to your machinery.

The World's Leading - and Smartest - Varnish Solution.
Success Spanning 5 Continents.

ESP is a proven technology that is embraced by a wide range of industries and organizations throughout the globe. One of the reasons is that our technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Smart, customized media selection has helped Fluitec to become the most trusted name in lube varnish mitigation.

Here's How it All Works:
As oil in your machinery breaks down, it produces soft contaminants both in solution and in suspension. It's these contaminants that ultimately cause varnish.

The Fluitec ESP system captures these contaminants by virtue of a special chemical filter that works on the principles of chemisorption and adsorption. Depending on the contaminants you're trying to control, this filtering media can be customized to remove the exact contaminants you need to control.

ESP removes degradation species in the oil before they have a chance to form deposits and damage your systems. Once the oil has been cleaned, over time the circulating oil removes existing deposits throughout the system.

Expertise Built Into Each System.
Years of research and experience is the foundation of ESP technology.

For years, researchers at Fluitec have looked deep into the root causes of varnish build-up and its impact on business and industry. In fact, we may understand the chemistry of oil degradation better than anyone. Our hard work in this field has led us to the development of ESP, the world's most advanced varnish mitigation technology.

Varnish Chemistry is Complex.
It's hard to believe something as simple as varnish, the sticky residue created by the decay of both mineral and synthetic lubricants, can bring an entire operation to its knees. But it can - if you don't get it under control. When varnish settles into sensitive areas of your machinery, it can cause everything from premature failures to erratic component operation. Even a small amount in critical systems can force your plant to shut down for repairs or periodic cleanings, and cost you tens of thousands or more in lost revenues.

Problems Caused by Sludge and Varnish.
The symptoms of varnish in your lube systems include:

  • Fewer Filter Changes; Less Downtime
  • Sticking and seizing valves
  • Overheated bearings
  • Decreased effectiveness of heat exchangers
  • Increased wear on valves and other components
  • Shortened life of lubricant, filters and seals
  • Impaired equipment functionality
  • Increased maintenance and associated costs
  • Decreased reliability and availability


VITA delivers ESP (Electrophysical Separation Process) ~ Maximize Asset Life Through Technology

VITA ESP II CONTAMINATION CONTROL UNIT Clean your systems of varnish and extend the life of your lubricants with Fluitec's VITA ESP II System provides you with maximum flexibility to control contaminants in your critical lubrication systems. The VITA ESP II allows you to remove the most damaging types of contaminants in your fluid.

VITA is versatile.

Multi-Purpose Filter housing can accommodate ESP, ENDURE IX and Depth Media elements. The system can be easily configured depending on your condition and application. Can also accommodate other Fluitec filtration technologies such as particulate, water adsorption and Spark-Free filters.

Soft Contaminant Removal

Mitigate the damaging effects of Sludge & Varnish using Fluitec's patent-pending Electrophysical Separation Process™ (ESP) technology. Proven technology on hundreds of installations across 5 continents.

Hard Contaminant Removal

Efficiently remove dirt, debris and wear metals using high efficiency Depth Media down to 3 microns. Will help maintain excellent system cleanliness.

Phosphate Ester Contaminant Removal

Our Endure IX technology removes all phosphate ester fluid degradation products, such as acids, gels and varnish.

For best overall performance and a Fill-For-Life lubrication system, or to get the most out of cleaning your system, we recommend ESP and our Boost product line.

Boost VR
Boost AO
Range of customized chemistries to extend oil life through antioxidant replenishment


VITA ESP, ENDURE IX + Depth Media Clean Soft and Hard Contaminants from your lubricating system

Uses easy-to-replace element inserts designed for small to me­dium sized reservoirs. Lower cost of ownership with more efficient replacement elements, save money on shipping and more environmen­tally friendly. Versatile: Can use ESP, ENDURE and Depth Media. Contamination control system for varnish mitigation and particulate removal in rotating equipment with reservoirs up to 3500 US gal (13,000 L). Contamination control system for acid scavenging and all degradation products in Phosphate Ester fluid applications with reservoirs up to <400 US gal (<1500 L)


Stealth EHC Provides the Performance of a Vacuum Dehydration System at a Fraction of the Cost.

STEALTH EHC MOISTURE REMOVAL The Stealth EHC offers a simple, elegant solution to exclude moisture and contaminants from your electro-hydraulic control systems. Our Stealth EHC system blankets your reservoir headspace with super-dry, clean air. A low pressure air purge in the EHC reservoir head-space simultaneously accomplishes two important tasks - extracts moisture from the fluid while excluding contaminant ingression.

The result is exceptionally clean, dry oil or phosphate ester fluid. The system is inexpensive to install, has no moving parts or electrical connections, and requires no maintenance. Quite simply, the Stealth EHC is the highest value contamination control technology you will install at your plant.

EHC users are well aware of the damage to their systems caused by elevated water levels. Many plants have purchased vacuum dehydration systems to maintain acceptable moisture levels in their fluids. Vacuum dehydration systems are expensive to purchase ($40,000+), operate, and maintain.

Installing a Stealth EHC system has been demonstrated to reduce moisture levels below 250ppm at a small fraction of the cost of competing technologies. In addition to lower water levels, many realized improved resistivity values, lower oxidation rates and less frequent change-outs of their acid scavenging filters. I can be a large ROI asset when purchased.


The RISK-FREE way to Remove Varnish.

Boost VR Fluitec developed Boost VR (Varnish Removal) as an inherently safe way of removing deposits from your system. Unlike other cleaning agents, Boost VR doesn't impact your lubricant's water separability, hydrolytic stability or air release properties and is completely compatible with mineral and PAO-based lubricants. The unique chemistry of Boost VR increases your oil's solvency while re-solubilizing deposits.

Deposits are Damaging

Sludge and varnish in turbines and compressors are well known to disrupt reliable operations. Deposits will adversely impact plant availability and increase maintenance costs. Many plants control lubricant varnish with Fluitec's ESP technology. If plants don't proactively control deposits in turbine and compressor oil systems, varnish and sludge need to be removed during planned outages to restore system reliability.

Avoid Flushing if at all Possible!

Chemical cleaning is one method of flushing out varnish. The cleaners typically used for chemical cleaning, however they contain detergents and dispersants. While effective at removing deposits, detergent/dispersant-based flushing chemicals can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Even tiny amounts of residual cleaner can cause compatibility problems, threatening the performance of your new turbine or compressor oil.

Benefits of Using Boost VR
Boost VR is a safer way of removing varnish and sludge from a system compared to other available detergent system cleaners. Unlike conventional cleaners, Boost VR can safely be used in steam and hydro-electric turbines as well as other applications where there is a high chance of water or steam ingression. Boost VR:
  • Is compatible with your existing fluid, it does not require the use of a sacrificial rinsing fluid like detergent system cleaners. This saves considerable in flushing costs, man hours and downtime
  • Cleans the internals of your system while your equipment is operating
  • Increases the fluid's solubility which re-solubilizes varnish, sludge and deposits
  • Does not adversely impact the in-service fluid's physical and chemical performance. Does not harm demulsibility, air release or foam characteristics. Hydrolytically stable chemistry does not break down in the presence of moisture
  • Ensures adequate performance in turbine and compressor applications due to high thermal and oxidative stability Is compatible with mineral oils and some synthetics such as PAOs. Excellent seal compatibility


Oil. It is the lifeblood of your plant.

Boost VR For the past two decades, our mission has been to make your critical oils operate at peak levels, for as long as possible. Perhaps even for the life of your plant. Boost AO is a critical step in this mission. We've created a proprietary technology that can replace depleted antioxidants in oil - replenishing bad chemistry with good chemistry.

Oil. It is the lifeblood of your plant.

For the past two decades, our mission has been to make your critical oils operate at peak levels, for as long as possible. Perhaps even for the life of your plant. Boost AO is a critical step in this mission. We've created a proprietary technology that can replace depleted antioxidants in oil - replenishing bad chemistry with good chemistry.

Your Oil is an Asset not an Expense

Because your oil and lubricants can now last a lot longer, they can be counted as an asset - like turbines, compressors and other equipment - and not an expense. This can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Boost AO Lowers your Risk

Changing oil in a large turbine is complicated, expensive and risky. Not only can the process cost over a hundred thousand dollars, it can also expose your oil to foreign contaminants and harmful chemicals. Or, you can choose the alternative: replenish your oil while your plant is operating. Boost AO can accomplish this combined with the right team of highly trained specialists and precision testing every step of the way. Our Qualification Process ensures that Boost AO is a suitable solution to your particular fluid.

Good for the Planet. Good for your Bottom Line.

Boost AO can double your oil life by restoring your critical antioxidant systems. Guaranteed Results. Risk-Free. Think about it: It took millions of years for the earth to make your oil - then a tremendous amount of time, energy and money to extract, ship, refine and formulate it. Shouldn't you do everything possible to extend the life of the oil you use, for as long as possible? It makes sense for both your company and your community. Now, let Fluitec show you how.


We'll do everything we can to insure you get the best solution for your application!

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