Automatic Lubrication Systems

Techno Lubri System Automatic Lubrication System (TLS)

T.L.S. Centralized automatic greasing systems for vehicles and equipment.

Lubrication Technologies, Inc.  is excited to be the sole Eastern United States and New England importer and distributor of a unique and high quality product line of Automatic Lubrication Systems manufactured in Italy from Techno Lubri Systems (TLS). The system pumps utilize a unique  pumping element that employs a push/pull design, eliminating the need for a return spring which is generally used by other competitive system pumps such as the Lincoln Automated Lubrication Systems. The presence of the spring may lead to failure by design.

Interlube Systems Limited 

Interlube Systems Limited (A Timken Brand) unique products help to keep trucks, buses, trailers, cranes, quarries and heavy-duty production lines moving reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wherever there is a critical need to keep mechanical components accurately lubricated,  working at their optimum efficiency,  Interlube Systems can supply the ideal solution with their extensive and quality selection of Automatic Lubrication Systems.

Farval Lubrication Systems

Farval first opened its doors in 1926. Always a leader in heavy duty lubrication, Farval offers an extensive product line consisting of single-line parallel, progressive, dual and multi-line lubrication systems.

LubeSite Systems, Inc.

LubeSite was founded in 1972 with a vision toward manufacturing easy-to use, single-point reusable lubricators that would prolong bearing life. LubeSite’s unique line quickly expanded and became a staple for industrial distributors serving the power transmission, pillow-block bearing and lubricant fields. Today, LubeSite offers a wide range of single-point lubricators tailored to hundreds of industrial applications.

Delimon Lubrication Systems

The elder statesman of the Bijur Delimon family is Delimon. Headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, with additional manufacturing capability in Beierfeld, Delimon is best known as a leading provider of proven lubricating solutions to Germany’s many heavy industries. Founded in 1872, it became part of the Bijur Delimon International family in 2001. Delimon offers a wide variety of products for the steel, rubber, railroad, automotive, mining, cement, and printing industries; OEM and aftermarket.

Denco Lubrication

The newest addition to the Bijur Delimon International team is Denco Lubrication, an industrial supplier of heavy duty lubrication systems. Based in Hereford, England, Denco Lubrication offers roll coolant systems, oil recirculation and water cooling systems in addition to its heavy industrial line of centralized lubrication systems.