Lube System Pump Filling Options

How to fill an automatic lubrication system

Grease Filler Pumps - Electric, Manual Grease Filling Pumps CamLock Pump Connection This page is dedicated to the many various ways to fill or refill an automatic lubrication system with grease, oil or lubricant in your reservoir, tank, or barrel.

  • Hand Press, or Cartridge Unloader, push type grease to manually fill the automatic system:
  • Standard or Rechargable grease gun - *(LINK)
  • Air Operated Pump system *(LINK)

Grease Filling Pump with a Hand Press

1499 Monocal® GP Grease Product Info Filling process
This video will show/demonstrate how to go about manually filling an ILC Max 4 automatic lubrication system with a Fritsche Hand Press

The filling cylinder will be unscrewed and than a grease-filled cartridge introduced. A filling connection straight or a 90° filling connection is mounted on the underside of the filling pump and on the lubrication pump.

By pressing down the piston rod of the filling pump, the grease in the cartridge is pressed into the reservoir of the lubrication pump.

The piston rod is retracted and the empty cartridge is removed from the filling pump. This process is repeated until the desired grease quantity is refilled.


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